Woman has hard corns and calluses on her toes.

Foot Corns 101: Causes, Prevention, and Removal Techniques

Corns are one of the most common foot conditions, and quite frankly, they can be a real nuisance. They can target anyone but may occur more frequently in women and older people. While they aren’t usually a cause for alarm, chronic foot corns can be painful and affect your quality of life. Let’s look at what causes foot corns and what you can do to prevent and treat them. 

Closeup of dry corn on woman toe. Treatment of corns

Causes of Foot Corns

The American Academy of Dermatology notes that friction and pressure on the skin can lead to corns. Here are some everyday lifestyle factors that build friction and may lead to corn formation:

Foot corns are a protective response to friction and an attempt to shield the skin beneath them. The hardened layer is your body’s method of preventing skin ulceration. 

Corn Treatment and Prevention of Corns

Preventing foot corns involves attentive foot care and protecting your foot health by wearing the right shoes and avoiding friction on the toes (where corns usually form). 

Furthermore, NHS explains how your podiatrist or chiropodist can remove corns if they’re severe or may be infected. You should also consider consistent corn removal (corns often come back) if you have diabetes, poor heart health, or blood circulation problems. People with these issues can see minor corns become serious, painful wounds.

A shoe fitting can help prevent foot corns by guaranteeing a better fit
A shoe fitting can help prevent foot corns by guaranteeing a proper fit and preventing friction

Here are some safe and common preventative measures and foot corn treatments:

  • Corn removal techniques, like gently shaving down the corn with medical grade, sterilized tools (performed by a chiropodist)
  • Products like toe pads or medicated patches
  • Custom orthotics to properly align your feet and prevent friction
  • Footwear modifications to ensure a better fit (consider a shoe fitting)
  • Keeping your feet clean 
  • Soaking a corn in warm water
  • Applying moisturizing products to the toes

Remember: never try to remove a corn yourself, as this can leave a dangerous opening in the skin that welcomes infection. 

Removing foot corn with a scalpel

Looking for Help With Your Corns?

Corns aren’t usually a serious issue, but they can reappear when you think they’re gone and may become painful. Schedule an appointment with your chiropodist to directly target the problem!

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