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Best Shoes for Teachers 2023

Teachers spend long hours on their feet, so choosing comfortable and supportive shoes is essential to prevent foot fatigue and discomfort. From standing at the front of the classroom, traveling to or from work, or walking between classrooms, teachers put their feet to the test every day.

The best shoes for teachers offer a combination of cushioning, arch support, stability, non-slip soles, and durability. The right pair of shoes can make a difference in a teacher’s daily life, providing comfort, support, and style that keeps up with their fast-paced roles. The Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education suggests that “appropriate footwear is a shoe designed for athletic activities with a sole that provides traction and is secured to the foot.”

Without the proper footwear, teachers are at greater risk of developing two common foot conditions: plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. In this guide, we list our recommendations for the best shoes for teachers to maximize comfort and keep your feet feeling great all day.


Saucony has a wide range of footwear, including athletic, athleisure, and sport-specific shoes. With a strong focus on running shoes, Saucony caters to various running styles and preferences and is known for its durability, support, and cushioning. For teachers, we recommend the Saucony Triumph 21 for those looking for a more athletic shoe or the Saucony Shadow Original and Jazz Triple for a more casual appearance.


ASICS shoes are amongst the most popular in the world. The brand’s GEL cushioning system makes them a great choice to protect your feet and keep them feeling their best. They have great shoes for walking and standing, like the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 (for people with neutral gaits or high arches), the Asics Novablast 3 for those seeking a rocker sole, and the Asics Gel-Kayano for those requiring a stability shoe.


Apex shoes provide ample support, cushioning, and ergonomic design to promote proper alignment and alleviate common foot ailments. From orthotic-friendly features to diabetic footwear options, APEX aims to accommodate diverse needs, ensuring individuals with conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or diabetes can experience improved comfort and mobility. Look at the Apex Boss Runner Active Shoe for a supportive and comfortable option on the job.


Anodyne footwear specifically caters to those with diabetes, neuropathy, and other foot-related sensitivities. Their footwear features extra depth and roomy toe boxes to provide ample space for toes and accommodate custom orthotics. In addition, Anodyne shoes also often incorporate seamless interiors to minimize irritation and pressure points. The Anodyne No. 75 or No. 72 Casual Sport shoes are excellent for teachers mixing comfort and style.


Mephisto shoes strongly emphasize quality and feature the brand’s soft-air midsole technology. Their shoes prioritize shock absorption and cushioning, which reduces impact on joints and promotes a smoother walking experience. Mephisto offers both casual and dressier options like the Mephisto Wing or Majestro.

ara Shoes

ara Shoes blend of fashion and functionality appeals to individuals seeking versatile footwear that combines style and comfort. Look at the Ara Leigh footwear line from Ara Shoes for a solid shoe choice for teachers’ working hours.


Portofino shoes are backed by Italian craftsmanship and offer a premium footwear line for a more formal look. Whether it’s delicate stitching, exquisite leather, or refined silhouettes, Portofino Shoes blend traditional artistry and contemporary aesthetics. Consider the Portofino DY-5068 model if you’re a teacher in the market for new shoes.


Clarks shoes combine form and function. They’re also backed by close to 200 years of innovation. The Clarks Unstructured Line is excellent lightweight footwear with flexible soles, ideal for long days on your feet. We recommend the Clarks Nalle Lace or the Clarks Court Lite Wally outside the Unstructured line.

Feet First Clinic carries the best shoes for teachers

Selecting the best shoes for a teacher goes beyond style – it’s about finding footwear that offers comfort, support, and durability to match the demands of your profession. Visit Feet First Clinic for a complimentary shoe fitting, and we’ll match your feet up with the perfect shoe.

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