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Foot Callus Treatment: When to Seek Professional Help

Often, a foot callus will go away independently if you change your shoes and eliminate friction and discomfort. Specialized creams and foot soaks can also help speed up the process. But for an unfortunate minority, calluses can become thicker and thicker, eventually causing pain and discomfort and making it necessary to seek foot callus treatment from a chiropodist.

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At-Home Treatment for Foot Calluses

You don’t need to rush to the doctor every time you see a callus. In fact, many people will have a mild callus on their foot at any given time, and they aren’t typically a medical priority without signs of severity. As far as foot conditions go, they are one of the most common. But it’s still a good idea to keep on top of them by practicing foot care from home so you can ensure they don’t get worse!

Gehwol’s Med Callus Cream loosens hard callus layers and may even completely remove a mild callus in up to 28 days. For additional foot health benefits, try Gehwol’s Extra Universal Foot Cream, which targets calluses using a combination of natural oils and medicinal ingredients. It also has deodorizing properties and strengthens and invigorates tired feet. Moreover, you can include foot soaks in your at-home callus care routine. Try Gehwol’s Refreshing Foot Bath, which keeps the skin resistant to callus formation while smoothening existing calluses.

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Seeking Professional Help For Calluses

Sometimes taking care of your foot health means visiting your local foot clinic for foot callus treatment from a chiropodist. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Your callus is causing discomfort
  • Your callus looks inflamed
  • Your callus is very thick
  • Your calluses keep coming back
  • It hurts to put pressure on a callus when walking
  • You see signs of an infection, like pus and drainage. This is especially dangerous if you have diabetes.
  • You just want smooth feet, and to ensure your calluses are treated in a safe, sterile setting.

Chiropodists treat calluses using sterilized tools to shave down the area. Following this, they will apply ointment or moisturizing cream to help the skin heal. Your chiropodist can also tend to calluses during a medical pedicure. In addition, foot health specialists can recommend using products to help protect pressure points from friction, like foot protection pads and custom orthotics, to ward off painful, recurring calluses.

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Need Help With a Callus? Look no Further!

Our team of chiropodists at Feet First Clinic are ready to get your foot health back on track. Reach out to us before your callus becomes a real nuisance!

Contact us at 416-769-FEET (3338) or use our online booking form to book an appointment!

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