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Cooling Foot Treatments for Summer

One thing many of us forget about until it hits is the annoyance of having hot feet in the summer. The blazing sun, your enclosed running shoes, and spending hours outside can really crank up the heat on your feet, making them feel downright uncomfortable. That’s where summer foot care comes in handy. You’ll definitely want some cooling foot treatments ready for when your feet get hot, and luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Summer Foot Care Cooling Foot Treatments

  • Foot Soaks 
  • Foot Creams
  • Foot Gels / Aloe Vera
  • Cold Towel Wraps
  • Ice Packs
  • Foot Ice Pack Wrap
  • Foot Massagers
  • Cold Water Soaks

Foot Soaks

On a hot summer day, refreshing foot soaks are always the way to go! Prepare your foot bath with relaxing lukewarm water (hot water can be damaging to the skin, and your feet are too warm for that anyway!) and add your foot soak product of choice for added benefits. Try Gehwol’s Herbal Foot Bath for the most well-rounded experience! This will also soothe tired, aching feet. 

Foot Gels / Aloe Vera 

Gels may also be exactly what your stifled feet need. You can try gels with aloe vera, which is naturally hydrating due to its high water content. Aloe vera also evaporates quickly when applied to the skin, providing fast relief. 

Cold Towel Wraps

Sometimes you have exactly what you need waiting for you at home! To cool down, soak a towel in cold water, wring it out, and wrap it around your feet. This method is simple and can be very refreshing.

Foot Creams

One of the best foot pampering tips is moisturizing your feet with high-quality creams. Not only do these products protect against dry skin, foot odour, calluses, corns, cracked heels, and more, but the cream also has a pleasant cooling effect. Look for creams with eucalyptus or menthol, which both have added cooling and soothing capabilities. Gehwol’s Extra Universal Foot Cream contains those two additional ingredients. 

Ice Packs

Ice packs aren’t just for pain relief! You can use a cold ice pack, gel pack, or frozen water bottle to cool your feet during the hot summer days and nights. Wrap these items in a towel first to avoid making a mess! 

Foot Ice Pack Wrap

These are essentially ice packs that cover your whole foot and have the appearance of a shoe, slipper or ankle brace. They may work for cooling hot feet, but also treating painful foot conditions. 

Foot Massagers

Some electric foot massagers come with a cooling option that can help relax and cool your feet simultaneously. To get the same effect, you can use a small fan and position it so it faces your feet! 

Cold Water Soak

Foot baths are generally used with warm to lukewarm water, but combining cold water with Epsom salt or your favourite foot soak product in a basin can have a more cooling effect than warm water, the latter of which is better suited for boosting blood circulation and pain management.

Looking to Pamper Your Feet This Summer?

You may benefit from additional treatments at Feet First Clinic! Many of our services compliment summer foot care, like medical pedicures, skin care treatments, and more! Call us at (416) 769-3338 or book an appointment here!

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