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Tool used during medical pedicure

The Benefits of Medical Pedicures

Medical pedicures can significantly enhance and supplement your overall foot care routine. Think of a medical pedicure as a way to relax while having your feet inspected and relieved of pain. By working with a licensed chiropodist or foot care professional, you can ensure your feet receive the care they need to stay healthy and pain-free.

Medical pedicures perform double duty in that they’re a blend of foot care and nail care, combined with the foot care benefits provided by chiropodists.

This article covers how a medical pedicure can benefit you and your feet.

1. Improved foot health

Corn removal during a medical pedicure

First and foremost, a medical pedicure can serve as both a treatment and a preventative method for common foot problems. During a medical pedicure, any number of the following can be prevented or treated:

We recommend routine medical pedicures for patients prone to foot issues or those with diabetes.

2. Reduced risk of infections

Toenail clipping during medical pedicure

A medical pedicure can also help prevent you from developing infections in several ways. First, medical pedicures use sterile instruments and follow strict hygiene to reduce the risk of infections. Suppose you have any conditions or auto-immune diseases that increase your health risks. A medical pedicure performed by a chiropodist would be safe for you.

The second is that leaving certain foot care routines to a foot specialist – like toenail clipping, corn removal, blister care, or callus debridement – takes the unknown out of the equation. Sometimes, leaving treatment to a professional outweighs the risk of doing it yourself at home (and risking mishaps).

3. Pain relief

Callus debridement during medical pedicure

A medical pedicure can relieve pain for people with foot problems, such as corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. A foot care professional can safely treat these conditions, reducing pain and discomfort. Corns and calluses can have some side effects, including altering your gait and could lead to other foot conditions if you’re not careful, so it’s a good idea not to let these conditions linger.

4. An up-close look at your feet

medical pedicure

A chiropodist takes a complete medical history for any underlying conditions or concerns you have. Additionally, they thoroughly examine your feet to diagnose unknown issues or conditions that may worsen. A complete picture of the health of your feet is reassuring for your feet’s future, and you’ll be provided with foot care advice and a treatment plan to keep your feet healthy going forward.

5. Relax and moisturize your feet

Beyond preventative and treatable measures, a medical pedicure can be a relaxing experience. In addition to tending to your skin and toenails, chiropodists apply an intense moisturization treatment with high-quality medical strength moisturizing products leaving your feet soft and smooth, stronger, and more elastic. Moisturizing isn’t just about soft feet; it strengthens your skin’s protective barrier and makes your feet less susceptible to future issues. 

Book a medical pedicure at Feet First Clinic

Many private health insurance companies cover medical pedicures. Check your insurance package for more details.

To start your path to healthy feet, book your medical pedicure today with our online booking form or call us at 416-769-FEET(3338) – no referral required!

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