Medical Pedicure: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

Medical Pedicure: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

When it comes to self-care and pampering, we often focus on treating ourselves to facials, massages, or spa days while neglecting one of our body’s hardest working and overlooked parts: our feet.

Enter the world of medical pedicures, a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience that goes beyond the typical nail salon visit. In this blog post, we look at medical pedicures and uncover the many benefits they offer for the health of your feet. 

Whether seeking relief from foot-related ailments or well-deserved self-care, a medical pedicure might be the secret to the happy and healthy feet you’ve been waiting for.

What’s a medical pedicure?

Medical Pedicure: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

A medical pedicure, also known as a medi-pedi, is a specialized foot treatment performed by a trained medical professional, typically a podiatrist or chiropodist.

Unlike a cosmetic pedicure you might receive at a spa or nail salon, a medical pedicure focuses on the medical aspects of foot care – there is no nail polish or foot soaking. It ususally involves the following:

  • Examination and consultation. Before the procedure, a chiropodist assesses your feet, discusses any concerns or foot-related issues you may have, and creates a treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  • Nail and callus care. A chiropodist trims and shapes your toenails, carefully avoiding ingrown toenails. They will also remove calluses and corns to relieve discomfort and prevent further complications.
  • Hygiene. A medical pedicure places a strong emphasis on hygiene. The instruments used are sterilized (or disposable) to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Skin and cuticle care. Your provider will moisturize and care for the skin on your feet, paying particular attention to dry or cracked areas. They will also address overgrown or problematic cuticles.

Why should I get a medical pedicure?

Only you can decide whether you need a medical pedicure, but we want to lay out the benefits to help you make an informed decision. There are several reasons why you may need one:

Treatment of Specific Foot Conditions

Medical pedicures are not just about pampering but about addressing specific foot conditions. Whether you’re dealing with fungal infections, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, or thickened and discoloured nails, your healthcare specialist can offer treatments and recommendations for future care.

Proper Nail Care

While traditional pedicures focus primarily on nail aesthetics, medical pedicures focus on nail health. Sure, they will properly trim and file your toenails, but they’ll also go the extra mile in preventing ingrown toenails and addressing any nail conditions like toenail fungus.

Healthy Skin

Medical Pedicure: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

The skincare aspect of a medical pedicure involves moisturizing and nurturing the skin on your feet. Dry, cracked, or rough skin patches will be taken care of. Plus, we can provide product recommendations to help you maintain healthy, soft feet between appointments.

Education and Guidance

A significant part of a medical pedicure is education. You’ll receive valuable guidance on proper foot care practices. In addition, with conditions like recurring calluses or ingrown toenails, the chiropodist can determine whether there could be any biomechanical factors at play. These insights empower you to take better care of your feet daily, reducing the likelihood of future issues.

Feet First Clinic can help you on your road to healthier feet

Our skilled chiropodists at Feet First Clinic can improve foot health with a medical pedicure. Whether you have specific foot concerns, want to prevent future problems, or appreciate a well-maintained feet, schedule a medical pedicure with us.

Call us at (416) 769-3338 or book an appointment below.

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