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Podiatry Podcasts

Podcasts have become so popular over the past few years; the demand is consistently growing. Through a search on the various platforms out there, you can find content relating to just about anything. Wellness podcasts are my personal preference. Whenever I have been working from home, I am enriching my overall health by listening to positive, thought-provoking, and inspiring interviews and stories.

Carefully curating podcast episodes for you as inspiration is the goal of the series of articles that lie ahead. Today, to kick things off and put my best foot forward (double pun, you’re welcome,) I have found some Podiatry specific podcasts. Whether this is your professional space or you are looking to diversify your knowledge, here’s a list for you to peruse: 


When the first episode on the list was simply called Bunions, I knew I was in the right place. Hosted by Ian Griffiths and Craig Payne, British and Australian podiatrists, the show episodes hold a theme similar to what is reflective here on the Feet First blog. Well versed in the industry and continually striving for more knowledge, the duo stays current with foot health and shares that with their audience. You can find PodChatLive here.

Female doctor reviews x-ray of patient’s foot

The Foot Collective

The Foot Collective Audio Project hosts a variety of guests to talk about proper foot health. The list includes runners, shoe designers, kinesiologists, and podiatrists/chiropodists. The podcast is based in Canada, though The Foot Collective has a British connection. The variety of voices within the content intrigues me, and I look forward to tuning in. You can find The Foot Collective here.

kinesiologist doing therapeutic exercises for an elderly patient. Kinesitherapy at the medical center

Podiatry Legends

The Podiatry Legends Podcast highlights Podiatrists from across the globe, sharing their insights and stories from their time within the profession. The show’s audience benefits from the discussion of the business side of things and they aim to help students on their way to building their practice. Offering up a diversified view on the aspects available to focus on as a niche, Podiatry Legends boasts great guests to help you move beyond the thoughts of basic foot care.

The list of episodes per series holds a heavy-hitting roster that would appeal to not only those within the field of Podiatry and Chiropody but also those who are wellness enthusiasts alike. They appeal to me as someone who is a fitness fanatic and looking to maintain mobility, taking better care of myself now, and always. You can find Podiatry Legends here.

Pediatrician shows concerned father foot x-rays

Podcasts make a great daily addition to your content consumption. I listen to them while working, working out, and anytime I need a little inspiration. The shortlist above is the beginning of exploring great content out there related to feet. It has been very cool to find podiatry specific podcasts that cater not only to the field itself but the avid wellness junkie like myself!

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