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Kids at summer camp sitting outside their tent

2023 Summer Camp Essentials: Kids Camp Shoes Must-Haves

2023 camp shoes for kids are just as high-quality as adult footwear. Gone are the days of compromising on quality and comfort for our little adventurers. After all, children deserve the same support and comfort we enjoy from our favourite brands. And one of the most crucial times of the year to invest in your child’s feet is right before they head off to summer camp to run, explore, swim, hike, and lose all their inhibitions until school starts again. 

Kids enjoying jump rope outside at summer camp 2023
Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels!

You know your kids will exert high energy levels at camp and you want to ensure they don’t return with a fresh, painful foot condition they didn’t have before. And for that, you need some shoe recommendations for the summer months.

Let’s explore some of the best camp activity shoes and the top outdoor shoes for kids! 

2023 Kids Footwear Must-Haves: Summer Camp Shoes

  • Saucony Peregrine Shield
  • ASICS GT-1000
  • Birkenstock Arizona
  • Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Saucony Peregrine Shield

For hiking and exploring

Plenty of children spend their summer camp days hiking. While exploration can be a lure for many kids, it does pose the threat of slipping and falling on a trail, which can cause a serious injury without the right shoe. Since camp terrain can be unforgiving, the Saucony Peregrine Shield is one of the best shoe recommendations for kids who love hiking. When it comes to traction and grip, you can’t beat them.

The Shield version of the Peregrine series also includes a water-resistant upper and waterproof membrane. This feature helps keep your child’s feet dry and protected when hiking in wet or rainy conditions or crossing streams and puddles. The Peregrine Shield also features everything else you need in a solid camp shoe, like breathability, protection, cushioning, and stability.

Saucony Peregrine Shield for hiking kids camp shoes
Saucony Peregrine Shield for kids


For sports, running, and high-impact activities 

ASICS has always been a top shoe contender for adults with different foot types. But many parents may not realize they have a tot-sized version of their GT-1000 for your child’s summer camp needs.

The ASICS GT-1000 for children features cushioning technology that helps absorb impact and provides a comfortable fit. This can be beneficial during summer camp activities that involve a lot of walking, running, or playing. These shoes also offer a good balance of support, cushioning, and traction, and are the best choice for the countless sports and high-impact activities kids enjoy at camp.

ASICS runners for kids camp shoes
ASICS GT-1000 for kids

Birkenstock Arizona EVA

For the pool, lakes and beach

For the little ones who seem more like fish than children sometimes, comfortable shoes with waterproof features are essential. 

A nice sturdy pair of Birkenstocks made with EVA are one of the best kids footwear options for protecting your child’s feet from contagious fungal infections like fungal toenail and athlete’s foot, which notoriously breed in common areas like pools, public showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms. (never let your child run around in these areas without footwear!) They’re also great for wearing on the beach or next to a lake. 

EVA is a waterproof rubber material that is also highly durable and provides cushioning. The waterproof qualities come from the sealed bubbles within the foamed rubber and the absence of stitches, allowing water to roll off the shoe without penetrating it. 

Birkenstock Arizona EVA as waterproof sandals for kids
Birkenstock Arizona EVA for kids

Birkenstock Arizona

For everything in between

Some days at summer camp are low key. Kids may be spending time in the cafeteria, playing low-impact games that don’t require runners, walking around aimlessly, or simply sitting around the fire telling stories. For those days, they need a neutral sandal they can use for walking without pain and fatigue.

It should be breathable, but without the flimsy material and complete lack of support you get in a flip flop (psst: ditch the flip flops). Birkenstock Arizonas for kids come with all the sleek sophistication the adult version has, like the shock absorbing sole, supportive cork footbed, moisture-wicking and strengthening jute fibers, and footbed liner. These all come together to create the ultimate layering of comfort, support, protection, and durability.

Birkenstocks for kids are a great choice for camp shoes
Birkenstock Arizona for kids

Looking for 2023 Camp Shoes for Kids? Look no Further!

Feet First Clinic prides itself in considering your children’s foot needs just as much as yours. Visit us before your little one’s camp adventure to ensure an exciting (and pain-free) summer!

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Cover Photo by cottonbro  from Pexels!

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