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Fungal Infections

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We treat a variety of fungal infections affecting both the skin of the feet and toenails.  Fungal infections are notoriously persistent and difficult to fully treat with at-home remedies – especially toenail fungus.

This is because our shoes and socks create a dark, moist environment, ideal for fungi growth. With toenail fungus, the toenail further serves as a barrier that prevents anti-fungal medication from directly penetrating the source of the fungal infection.

Fortunately, our chiropodists have methods that can circumvent these obstacles.  We provide the following treatment for foot and toenail fungal infections:

  • Nail Debridement:  This involves removing infected parts of a fungal toenail and surrounding tissue, and then applying a prescription-strength topical antifungal medication directly on the fungus growing underneath the nail. This procedure may need to be performed multiple times until the fungus is fully eradicated.
  • Prescription antifungal medication
  • ClearNails Pro +: This highly effective over-the-counter anti-fungal solution is available during treatments and for purchase at our Foot Clinic. ClearNails Pro+ is specially formulated to penetrate the nail and fight fungal infections at the nailbed.
  • Partial nail avulsion to remove infected parts of the toenail. This may be done with more advanced fungal infections.
  • Total nail avulsion to totally remove the infected toenail for more advanced fungal infections. 
  • Foot and toenail care and maintenance:  These services promote healthy skin and toenails, which reduces the  likelihood of cuts or abrasions through which infections can enter your skin and toenails.  These services can be used to supplement other fungal treatments, or for preventative purposes.  See Medical Pedicure.

In addition to the treatment services provided by our chiropodist, our foot clinic also sells various products to supplement your treatment and prevent future infections.  These include:

  • ClearNails Pro+ Antifungal Nail Restorer
  • Moisture-control, breathable shoes
  • Open-toed sandals
  • Sprays
  • Powders
  • Various foot care products to help you maintain good foot hygiene at home

Our foot specialists and knowledgeable staff will help you find the right footwear and foot care solutions to reduce your risk for developing or aggravating foot and toenail fungus.

Conditions Treated

Our foot fungus treatment services target various fungal infections and conditions, including:

The Process

How Do I Get Treated?

If you suspect a fungal infection on your feet or toenail(s), you can book an appointment with one of our chiropodists using our online booking form, or call us at 416-769-3338.

At your assessment, the chiropodist will take a medical history and examine the fungal infection.  Testing may be done to verify whether or not it is a fungal infection.  Afterwards, the chiropodist will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Fungal infections are very persistent and it will likely take multiple appointments to fully treat and eradicate.  

Insurance & Coverage

Treatment and procedures by a chiropodist are covered – in full or in part – by most private extended health benefit plans.  Each insurance company has their own stipulations about what and how much they will cover. Please note: chiropodist services are NOT covered by OHIP.

If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage for chiropodist services, you can contact your insurance company directly, go to your online benefits portal, or check with your employer’s HR department to receive a breakdown of your policy. 

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company directly to verify your coverage prior to your appointment. 

Non-prescription over-the-counter products are not covered by insurance.

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