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Best Holiday Travelling Shoes

Holiday travel can be an exhausting and inconvenient experience, no matter how excited you are. There is often little time to rest. Standing, walking, and waiting for hours at the airport can also do a number on your feet. Moreover, the Canadian winter weather can surprise you and leave you without the right footwear. That’s why bringing the right travel shoes for your plans is critical. 

Now, you don’t have to jam-pack your luggage with five pairs of travel shoes. That is just another inconvenience, especially for those who want to avoid checking bags at the airport. But you should assess your winter activities and double-check the weather forecast before selecting a couple of shoe types for your travel bag. And if you invest in some of the shoes in today’s blog, your feet will thank you!

The Best Travel Shoes 2022

  • The all-purpose boot
  • The snow boot
  • The running and walking shoe
  • The dressy shoe
  • The hiker

All-Purpose Boot: Portofino ID1673 or Portofino MS-105

Everyone needs an all-purpose boot to get from point A to point B, especially during the holidays when your travel time includes a dusting of snow. The depth of snow can soak your feet and make the sidewalks slippery, putting you at risk of a fall.

While searching for winter boot travel shoes, you should opt for a brand that offers not only foot support, but also insulation, a solid grip, and waterproofing features.

That’s where Portofino comes into the picture! They make orthopeadic boots, a feature rarely found in winter footwear that can help with countless foot conditions. Their unisex black boot (ID 1673 on their website) is perfect for a mild snowfall and is lined with genuine sherpa wool that keeps you cozy and warm. They’re also waterproof, and the rubber outsole allows for a slip-free walk during the holidays. Moreover, you can remove the footbed if you need to insert custom orthotics or insoles to walk without foot pain.

The MS-105 boot from Portofino is another solid all-purpose option, with the main difference being the outside is made with suede, and there are just laces and no zippers.

Portofino Boot for everyday winter travel
Portofino ID 1673

The Snow Boot: Sorel Tivoli Parc Boot

Snow boots differ from all-purpose winter boots, so you may need to alter your travel shoes depending on where you’re heading for the holidays.

Essentially, a snow boot should take the insulation and waterproofing features of an everyday boot to the next level. And a boot that can handle deep snow is crucial for any Canadian. Furthermore, some provinces encounter much heavier snow than others. So if you’re travelling from the west coast to the east, you should prepare for inconvenient weather. A supportive, warm and protective snow boot is also great for doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on a particularly cold day.

Sorel is known for its winter footwear, and the Tivoli Parc Boot, with its 200g insulation, is great for cold temperatures that dip as low as -40. The shearling collar and microfleece lining also work together to warm your feet. The moulded rubber outsole keeps you safe from sudden slips, and this boot also features a removable footbed for custom insole accommodation. And lastly, the entirety of the boot’s upper (sans the laces) is waterproof, so you can walk easily and confidently, knowing the elements won’t slow you down.

Tivoli Parc Boot from Sorel for winter walking and heavy snow
Mephisto Tivoli Parc Boot

The Running and Walking Shoe: ASICS Gel-Cumulus GTX or GT-2000 GTX

Did you know that you can still go for runs during the wintertime? 

That means you can take your fitness goals with you during the holiday season if you bring the right travel shoes. You should assess your comfort level and conditions, but wet sidewalks and trails with compacted, dense snow are usually no trouble!

You should look no further than ASICS for a smooth December running session. If you need a stability or a neutral shoe, you can opt for the Gel-Cumulus for GT-2000 GTX. The GT-2000 GTX is designed for overpronation (low arches and flat feet), and the Gel-Cumulus GTX is designed for neutral gaits and underpronation (high arches). If you aren’t sure what type you need, you can read more about shoe stability here!

Both shoes are lined with GORE-TEX fabric to keep your feet dry, letting you stay active as long as you’d like. Other notable features include the engineered mesh upper, lightweight cushioning and reflective accents that keep you visible when it’s dark outside. ASICS is also always upgrading and fine-tuning its GEL technology, which makes you feel like you’re walking (or running) on a cloud.

The GT-2000 GTX is similar to the Cumulus but includes LITETRUSS™ technology to improve medial support for stability. 

ASICS Gel-Cumulus GTX for winter running and walking
ASICS Gel-Cumulus GTX

The Dressy Shoe: Ara Maggie

Sometimes, travel shoes need to be stylish. And while Ara’s highly-cushioned waterproof pump may not be the best for snowfall, it’s a solid choice for a short journey to a holiday party.

Like your ASICS running shoes, the Maggie is made with GORE-TEX membrane, which guarantees dry feet. It also comes with a removable footbed for easy insole insertion. Ara’s Maggie is also made with a stretchy fabric, so it’s easy to wear with thick fleece tights or leggings. 

The comfortable and waterproof Maggie pump from Ara
Ara Maggie

The Hiker: Mephisto Allrounder Nigata-Tex

Winter hikes are underrated, and snow lovers should bring hiking boots for the holidays!

Mephisto’s Nigata-Tex is great for trudging along the winter trails. That’s likely why they claim this boot is great for “rising to everyday challenges.” More specifically, it combines the lightweight feel of an ankle boot with the protection and innovation of your winter boots.

The ALLRO-TEX technology ensures breathability, which keeps your feet healthy during strenuous activity. The shock absorber in the outsole protects your feet by reducing the harsh impact often felt on hiking trips. Most importantly, they have one of the best grips out of all the shoes in today’s blog. This is especially crucial for the unpredictable nature of trails.

A good hiking boot for travel is the Nigata Tex from Mephisto
Mephisto Nigata Tex

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