What Does Foot Deodorant Do?

Don’t be embarrassed if you have sweaty and funky feet — you may just need a foot deodorant.

The moisture trapped in your shoes can cause some incredibly common issues, like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), odour and irritation. Let’s look at everything there is to know about foot deodorant!

What Is Foot Deodorant?

Foot deodorant is just like your standard underarm deodorant or antiperspirant – but for your feet! Your feet can get as sweaty and stinky as your underarms do. It can often come in good use, and many people can benefit from trying a good foot deodorant product.

What Does Foot Deodorant Do?

  • Natural deodorants target hyperhidrosis, keeping your feet feeling fresh for long periods.
  • Foot sprays and deodorants are a critical component of foot hygiene. Practicing regular foot care prevents a wide array of foot conditions.
  • Deodorants fight stinky feet by eliminating odorous bacteria.
  • Some foot deodorants act as a barrier between your feet and shoes. This can help prevent blisters

Types of Foot Deodorants

The active ingredients in natural foot deodorants are responsible for their amazing capabilities. There are many different types for specific purposes and uses.

Each type works to neutralize foot odour and block sweat glands, from sprays to creams to powders. Deodorant creams usually include an additional moisturizing effect. With foot sprays, you can also use them on your footwear and socks, and they often come with preventative anti-fungal properties. Powders are perhaps the best option for absorbing excessive, pre-existing moisture.

GEHWOL Foot Deodorant Products

Foot Powder

This foot deodorant absorbs sweat without leaving a clumpy powder mess behind. Simply dust the powder formula onto your feet or socks for extra moisture control.

The bisabolol in this deodorant has a calming effect on the skin and reduces redness and irritation. The tapioca starch is responsible for absorbing moisture, and the zinc oxide has antimicrobial properties that prevent foot infections like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. Talcum protects the skin and absorbs moisture, and it’s also frequently used in baby powder products. Many people use talcum powder as an odour-prevention alternative to antiperspirant.

Foot Spray and Shoe Deodorant

A crucial part of maintaining foot hygiene is fighting foot odour. The zinc ricinoleate in Gehwol’s foot spray and shoe deodorant prevents that odorous foot smell from festering in your shoes all day. You can apply this deodorant spray on your footwear and socks, making it an excellent choice for athletes and people on the go.

In addition to the typical foot deodorant properties, this product also anti-fungal properties. You can spray it on your feet and footwear in contagious public spaces like saunas, shoe stores and public pools.

Note: This product is not a substitute for a prescription anti-fungal for an active fungal infection. Rather, you should use it for prevention, especially for athletes and those prone to sweaty feet and foot fungus (which can often be a chronic condition).

Deodorant Foot Cream

This cream has added moisturizing benefits due to the manuca oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera components. Gehwol’s deodorizing foot cream also has a pleasant scent that doesn’t overwhelm your senses. The zinc oxide and manuca extract keep pungent foot odour at bay for up to 24 hours. The zinc oxide also protects sensitive skin and prevents itchiness while ensuring a silky smooth feel.

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