Foot Skin Care Tips 2022

Everybody knows about skin care for your face. It’s what you present to the world, so you want glowing, soft, healthy skin. But what about skin care for your feet? Shouldn’t you treat your feet (what holds you up) with the same respect? After all, skin care isn’t just about aesthetics.

So what’s in it for you? The thought of fighting everyday foot annoyances and painful foot conditions will hopefully get you eager to include your feet in your self-care routine. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top foot skin care tips —- all you have to do is make sure you follow them.

Foot Skin Care Tips 2022

  • Exfoliate and Soak Your Feet
  • Avoid Sun Damage
  • Clean and Inspect Your Feet
  • Moisturize and Use Foot Cream
  • Get a Medical Pedicure

Exfoliate and Soak Your Feet

Get rid of dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling silky smooth by exfoliating daily. Exfoliation leaves a pleasant supple feeling as you scrape off hardened skin.

You can use a homemade foot scrub or one of Gehwol’s amazing foot soak products during an exfoliation session. Some options include their Fusskraft Herbal Foot bath, Refreshing Foot Bath, or the Bath Salt.

Foot soaks can get into the skin’s deepest crevices, loosening and eliminating dead skin cells. As a bonus, foot soaks also help boost blood flow in your lower legs and feet, which helps soothe foot pain.

Avoid Sun Damage

Going somewhere tropical this winter? Or perhaps the hot sun is still lingering well into the fall, as it often does in Toronto.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your feet are less exposed to the sun than your arms and back. You should use sunscreen on your feet, generously applying it to both sides.

Sun damage to the feet can seriously affect your skin health, putting you at risk of developing cancer. It can also lead to premature aging of otherwise healthy skin, causing wrinkles and dark spots.

Clean and Inspect Your Feet

Sometimes, self-care is just about being attentive. Suppose you aren’t checking for cuts, scrapes, blisterscalluseswartscornsand other skin health concerns. In that case, you’re ignoring potential openings into the bloodstream and making your feet more vulnerable to infection.

Some of these deceptively minor nuisances can also become more painful, making it difficult to get around and making wearing shoes downright unbearable.

This is especially important for people with diabetes, who need to take extra care of their feet for a myriad of reasons.

Moisturize and Use Foot Cream

Moisturizing is one of the best skin care tips, and you’ll never run out of reasons to moisturize your feet daily.

First, dry skin can be much more painful than you may realize. It’s also extra persistent when the weather cools down and the heat blasts in public areas. Those hot baths you’re so fond of can also quickly dry your feet out. Before you know it, you’re at risk of painful cracked heels that can even bleed if you ignore them.

If that’s not enough for you to start lathering up the moisturizer, it’s also proven to help combat embarrassing foot odour. Moisturizing also restores the skin’s natural elasticity. And, of course, the feeling of soft, gentle skin is too pleasant to ignore.

For intensive care, locking in moisture, and protecting the skin’s natural barriers, try Gehwol’s Fusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion. For an added cooling effect and extra callus softening properties, Gehwol Fusskraft Herbal Lotion is a great choice. Lastly, Gehwol’s Lipidro Cream is a prime choice for those with dry, sensitive skin looking to prevent common foot conditions. 

Not sure when to moisturize? It’s generally best to do it after your exfoliating routine, as the latter will rid your feet of dead skin cells and leave a clean base.

Foot skin care tips 2022

Get a Medical Pedicure

medical pedicure, you say? What do nails have to do with foot skin care?

We’re glad you asked because the pros of a medical pedicure certainly include skin health.

Chiropodists don’t just trim and shape your nails during this process. They also inspect your feet, which you should be doing, but they offer bonus expertise and insight. They may even be able to detect and help treat a mysterious skin concern you weren’t aware of before.

Medical pedicures also include a thorough moisturizing session with high-quality medical strength products.

Our Last TIp? See Your Chiropodist!

The products we discussed today are all available at Feet First Clinic. Not only can you take them home, but our highly qualified foot care specialists incorporate them during treatment sessions for some of the most common skin conditions!

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