Why Wear Orthopaedic Slippers?

We all know why slippers are trendy during the wintertime: They keep your feet toasty and are the perfect companion for picturesque winter settings. Nothing completes a night curled up by the fire quite like a pair of soft, comfy slippers.

But did you know that you can take your love for slippers one step further? By investing in orthopaedic slippers, you can enjoy the support and protection you get from your favourite pair of shoes in the comfort of your own home. You might think this isn’t necessary, but walking around on hard indoor surfaces all day can be bad for your feet and ankles. Just as we need supportive footwear when we go out, the same applies when you’re at home. That’s why chiropodists highly recommend well-constructed indoor slippers to ensure your feet get the proper support they need when you’re at home.

Today we’ll break down some of the benefits of high-quality slippers from trusted brands, like Anodyne, Mephisto, Portofino and Sorel. If you struggle with a painful foot condition (or simply want to keep your feet supported when you’re at home), pay close attention!

Benefits of Wearing Orthopaedic Slippers Indoors

Wearing quality, supportive orthopaedic slippers indoors offer the following benefits:

  • Supportive, orthopaedic slippers with moulded footbeds and deep heel cups provide arch support and can help with moderate foot pain management. This is useful for preventing, managing and treating many common foot conditions. For example, with plantar fasciitis, the support helps decreases the strain on the plantar fascia tendon.
  • Wearing slippers can help prevent minor foot injuries, such as stubbing your toe or cutting and scraping your feet. This is vital for people who have diabetes, which we’ll discuss more thoroughly later.
  • Many slippers come with removable footbeds, which lets the slipper act as a vessel for your custom orthotics or inserts. Many people need to wear these medical devices at home, including people with arthritisbunionsflat feet and high arches. That way, you can get the customized support you need wherever you are.
  • Slippers with good arch support can also help provide stability. This is something people with an abnormal gait (overpronation and supination) need to manage mobility-related pain. People who overpronate also tend to have flat feet, which makes arch support even more important.
  • Slippers can keep your feet warm, which helps your body maintain healthy blood flow, allowing for a robust immune system. Plus, they’re super comfy!

To help you choose the slipper that best suits your needs, we rounded up some of our top picks:


Mephisto Thea: Mephisto slippers come with the supportive features you can expect from all Mephisto footwear. The Thea (shown below) includes Mephisto’s classic cork footbed, which is notable for its natural shock absorption properties, sufficient cushioning and strong arch support. Cork is a highly mouldable material that allows Mephisto to contour their footbeds to meet the anatomical needs of people with foot pain, mobility concerns, and structural abnormalities. Walk the Coast also notes that cork doesn’t absorb moisture like other materials, which in turn prevents bacterial build-up and supports a healthy foot climate. That way, you can keep your feet warm without worrying about foot sweat.

Mephisto Polli:

The Mephisto Polli is another cozy slipper. Essentially, it’s the same as the Thea, but the footbed is removable. While the footbed is still anatomically beneficial, many people may opt to remove it so they can wear their custom orthotics or specialty insoles around the house. The open back of both the Thea and the Polli allows you to easily slip in and out of them. It also lets you move freely without irritating the back of the heels.


Furthermore, both slippers are nice and toasty, which is exactly what many of us look for in a house slipper. This is thanks to the breathable and soft Merino wool material, which – like cork – keeps your feet from getting sweaty without sacrificing the warmth we all long for on those cold winter nights.


No. 21 Slipper Smooth Toe:

Anodyne’s slogan “Built for comfort. Designed for style” certainly applies to their footwear. Anodyne is an orthopaedic footwear brand specializing in shoes that help people cope with diabetic foot concerns, as well as foot pain. Their slippers are no different! The No. 21 comes with several features people catered for people with diabetes and foot pain. For starters, the foam footbed provides cushioning with every step and is also removable if you need to wear custom orthotics or inserts at home – great for people with foot pain. The slipper’s strong outsole is also strong, protecting feet from the harsh impact of walking on hard surfaces, and allowing users to wear their slippers outdoors for short periods.

For diabetes patients, the toe box and closed back helps protect the feet from cuts, scrapes and other damage. This is important because people with diabetes typically have poor circulation and a compromised immune system. That means that simple cuts and lacerations from something like stubbing your toe can take much longer to heal – or not heal at all, potentially causing infections. According to Medical News Today, this is due to slowing blood flow failing to deliver nutrients to wounds.

The requirement to protect the entire foot is one of the main reasons people with diabetes should wear indoor footwear. The premium suede upper and luxurious faux-shearling lining also helps keep your feet warm, which is suitable for people who suffer from cold feet and numb toes – another common symptom of diabetes and poor circulation.

No. 39 Slipper Moc Toe: This slipper is very similar to the No. 21, including features like the removable footbed, suede upper, shearling lining, foam footbed and a sturdy outsole. The main difference is the toe box. The No. 39 slipper comes with a moc toe, which means manufacturers add stitching along the toe of the slipper.



Portofino Slipper:

Portofino is a high-quality orthopaedic shoe company. Their products help people with numerous conditions, including claw toes, bunions, Morton’s neuroma, and more. Specifically, they produce an amazingly warm wool slipper (pictured above) with plenty of foot health benefits. These slippers are orthotic-friendly and easy to slip on, making them useful for people who need something secure that’s also easy to take on and off.

One stand-out feature of the Melina slipper is the micro cork sole which, due to its elasticity, offers an impact-resistant (shock absorption) quality to the slipper: With each step you take on your hard floors, the slipper acts as a guard for your feet, ankles, shins, and knees that absorbs the harsh impact for you. This protects your joints, which is important for managing the effects of arthritis.



Sorel Go Coffee Run:

Sorel doesn’t offer orthopaedic support the same way that brands like Portofino, Mephisto and Anodyne do. However, we don’t want to count them out due to the many benefits they provide, especially when it comes to counteracting the effects of seasonality. Sorel is notorious for its ability to craft footwear perfect for the winter, and that extends to their slippers. We particularly like the Sorel Go Coffee Run slippers (pictured below), which are perfect for – you guessed it – running out and grabbing a coffee!

Nowadays, many people are looking for a slipper they can wear outside for short periods, in addition to inside. The Go Coffee Run achieves this with its rubber outsole, which provides a mild grip on slippery surfaces. That said, it’s still essential to be cautious outside while wearing slippers (after all, they’re slippers; not ice skates or boots).

Beyond its ruggedness and versatility, this slipper feels super soft and comfortable, which is exactly what we all want in a slipper: The faux fur collar (which also lines the inside of the slipper) is particularly cozy and sumptuous, keeping your feet and ankles warm for long periods. This slipper also comes with a foam EVA footbed, which is not only durable, but great for locking in warmth too! The EVA also provides a mild to moderate amount of shock absorption while walking. Best of all, the footbed is removable, letting you enjoy all the benefits of a great slipper while getting the customized support you need.


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