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The Importance of Foot Hygiene: Tips and Tricks for Clean Feet

One often overlooked but crucial aspect of personal hygiene is foot care. Your feet carry you through countless activities but don’t always receive the attention they deserve when it comes to cleanliness. In this article, we delve into the importance of foot hygiene and tips for keeping feet clean and healthy. From simple daily practices to preventing infections, we’ll explore this aspect of foot health care together.

Wash Your Feet Daily

First thing’s first, lather up your feet! Use mild soap every day to wash your feet either on their own or while in the shower or bath tub. This not only eliminates dirt and keeps your feet feeling fresh, but if you come in contact with tinea pedis soap and water may be able remove the fungus before it becomes athlete’s foot

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you fail to keep your feet dry you’re welcoming a wide array of issues. Not only does moisture cause foot odour, but it also creates the type of environment foot fungi love and thrive in. It also leads to skin maceration, blisters, cracking, and peeling. Give your feet a good dry with a nice soft towel. Pay extra attention to the hard-to-reach areas in between the toes, and to go the extra mile, let them bask in the air or in front of a fan. 

Moisturize Your Feet

Moisturizing hydrates the feet and fights excessively dry skin. When your skin is too dry it can create fissures and cracks that welcome dirt. So, while keeping your feet dry is essential, remember not to overdo it and turn them into the Sahara Desert!

Wear Clean Socks and Rotate Footwear

Keeping your feet cooped up in dirty socks is a recipe for persistent foot odour and moisture. For the ultimate foot refresh while on the go, change your socks throughout the day. 

This also applies to your footwear, especially for less breathable shoes. To avoid having to change your footwear all the time, look for light runners and walkers with perforated holes that let fresh air in and out. 

Trim Your Toenails

You may be wondering what your toenails have to do with foot hygiene. Trimmed toenails are less likely to harbour dirt and fungus, while also looking great! Jagged edges and too-long nails can also pierce your socks, which ruins their protective purpose. Learn how to trim your nails like a pro here

Protect Your Feet in Public Areas

Swimming pools, locker rooms, communal showers — you’re putting yourself at risk of contracting a fungal infection if you frequent these places. If you can’t avoid them, protect your feet with shower shoes and flip flops to keep funky fungi at bay!

Boost Your Foot Hygiene Today!

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