10 Reasons to Get a Medical Pedicure

Lately, medical pedicures have been trending, but why? What’s all the hype about, and is it worth it?

When you think of pedicures, you may think of nail salons, getting your nails done, or another cosmetic version. In practice, medical pedicures are different. They’re a blend of foot care and nail care, bringing out the best of both worlds. Medical pedicures combine the aesthetics of nail care (minus the nail polish) with the foot care benefits provided by chiropodists.

A medical pedicure addresses this by treating the toenails and skin of the feet while tending to any emerging foot concerns. It’s a therapeutic pedicure – without nail polish – performed by a qualified foot specialist. Think of our medical pedicure service as a maintenance package for your feet. These sessions include a thorough examination of your feet, as well as careful cleaning of your feet, trimming and filing toenails, removing calluses, corns, and dead skin, moisturizing, and more.

These are the top 10 reasons why you should consider getting a medical pedicure:

  1. Help prevent ingrown toenails
  2. Stave off foot odour
  3. Remove painful corns
  4. Thorough foot examination
  5. Professionally cut or trim toenails
  6. Safe, private, and sterilized environment
  7. Treat fungal toenail infections
  8. Moisturizes your feet
  9. Callus debridement
  10. Cleans your feet to get rid of onychophosis

On top of all of the benefits, a medical pedicure may be covered in part or entirely by your insurance provider. Note that it is not covered under OHIP, so check your private insurance benefits ahead of your appointment.

Below you’ll learn more about medical pedicures and what sets them apart.

1. Medical pedicures can prevent ingrown toenails

Feet First Clinic can help treat and prevent ingrown toenails by properly trimming and cutting your nails.

Ingrown toenails can be very painful, cause swelling, and even lead to an infection if left ignored. A foot specialist can cut your toenails straight across and ensure there are no stray pieces at the edges. They’ll also ensure you don’t cut the nail too short which can be a precursor to developing an ingrown toenail.

2. Stave off foot odour

Pee-ew. That smell could be your feet. Several factors can lead to increased foot odour, like re-using socks or not letting your footwear dry between uses. Additionally, long toenails and dead skin can contribute to foot odour as it’s a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. These latter two contributing factors are addressed during a medical pedicure.

3. Remove painful corns

A foot specialist can safely remove a painful corn, a small circular area of thickened, hardened skin. These are usually found on the non-weight bearing, bonier parts of the foot where the skin is thinner, like the toes.

4. A licensed chiropodist examines your feet

Medical pedicures act as double-duty for your feet. Not only do you get a direct benefit to your skin and nails, but a licensed chiropodist also can check for irregularities or any foot conditions. For example, they may discover an unrecognized bone spur, flat arch, or even a cut or scratch on your foot that would otherwise go unnoticed.

This proactive measure can help address foot conditions or issues before they become serious.

5. Get your nails professionally cut or trimmed

Leave it to the professionals to cut or trim your nails. Whether you have a cracked or split toenail, it’s not worth exacerbating the issue. Instead of trying to DIY (do-it-yourself), have it done during a medical pedicure to ensure the toenail is trimmed and curved off.

6. Get footwork done in a safe, private, and sterilized environment

A medical pedicure is performed at a clinic in a safe, quiet, private, and sterilized environment. Avoid the crowds of nail salons by getting a medical pedicure done in an environment you trust.

All treatments from a chiropodist are performed using medical-grade products and a fresh set of sterilized instruments for each client. The sterilization process used by chiropodists will remove and kill all forms of life that should not be transferred between individuals, in particular micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spores.

Our clinic is conveniently located at 2481 Bloor St W in Toronto, just steps from the Jane subway station.

7. Treat fungal toenail infections

Chiropodists treat fungal toenail infections using mechanical reduction of the nail and topical prescription medications.

8. Moisturizes your feet

Finish off with your medical pedicure with foot moisturizer. Our foot specialists high-quality medical-strength moisturizing products as part of the treatment. In addition to leaving your feet soft and smooth, effective moisturizing strengthens the skin, restores elasticity, and can help ward off several skin conditions.

9. Callus debridement

A chiropodist can remove thickened calluses during a medical pedicure. Calluses are thickened and hardened layers of skin that develop as a result of pressure or friction. It is the skin’s way of protecting itself from these external forces. Calluses may appear yellow, white, or grey in hue and can be accompanied by dry scaling skin and even fissures. Calluses can have some side effects including altering your gait and could lead to other foot conditions if you’re not careful.

10. Cleans your feet to eliminate onychophosis

During your medical pedicure, a specialist cleans underneath the toenails to eliminate any onychophosis. Onychophosis — the term used for the buildup of skin cells in the nail folds, plate, and cuticles — can cause thickened toenails and lead to other problems as we age. Proactively addressing this buildup is key for preventing future conditions down the line.

Here’s to Many More Years of Foot Care!

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