What Happens During A Medical Pedicure?

A pedicure is a wonderful thing to treat yourself to when you’re in need of a little self-care and relaxation! We’re all aware that many people enjoy a standard cosmetic pedicure from a spa or nail salon, as they’re a good way to pamper yourself. While this is true, did you know that There is such as a thing as a medical pedicure? That’s right! A procedure performed by a licensed Chiropodist, there are numerous benefits to this specialized service, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on how our downtown Toronto foot experts perform a medical pedicure!

So, what exact is a medical pedicure? Starting with a brief description, a medical pedicure is a pedicure performed by qualified foot specialist. It involves shaping of the nails, cleaning of the nail beds, smoothing of any calluses, and a thorough moisturizing session. There are more steps involved to this service, however, and we’ve outlined those below! Be sure to also keep reading to learn how a medical pedicure is a great way to treat yourself, while still promoting foot health. We’ll be sure to let you know why we recommend them. Likewise, we’ll explain these benefits, which include information on how they can prevent foot conditions that affect our toes, toenails and other areas of our feet.

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What Happens During A Medical Pedicure?

  1. Initially, your chiropodist will thoroughly examine your feet. This will allow them to pinpoint any foot conditions that may be in the early stages, such as fungal infections, Warts and Calluses. Your chiropodist may ask if you currently have any underlying foot conditions.
  2. Utilizing alcohol, your chiropodist will carefully clean your feet so they can proceed with a cleansed base.
  3. With a rounded tool, your chiropodist will cut straight across each toenail. This is a measure that will ward off ingrown toenails and eliminate jagged edges. Essentially, they will start with trimming down your nails.
  4. Next, your chiropodist will clean underneath your nails, eliminating any onychophosis. Haven’t heard that word before? It refers to the Buildup of skin(hyperkeratotic tissue) in the nail folds and cuticles.
  5. The next step is filing the nails with a nail file, ensuring smooth and even edges to your toenails.
  6. In the case that you have calluses (pale, yellow hardened skin on the feet that can resemble Corns), your chiropodist may use a scalpel to remove them, or will simply soften them.
  7. The final step is to thoroughly moisturize your feet! Leaving them soft to the touch. Moisturizing your feet can also Help ward off several skin conditions. 
  8. Now you can enjoy your healthy and refreshed feet!

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What Are The Health Benefits Of A Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure leaves your feet looking clean and fresh! While this is great, there are many more important benefits for your foot health that come with them:

  • They can prevent ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails can be very painful, cause swelling, and even lead to an infection if left ignored.
  • Since a medical pedicure involves toenail shaping, this can be extra helpful if you have any cracked toenails, or a split toenail. 
  • Due to the meticulous cleaning and moisturizing involved, medical pedicures can help stave off unpleasant Foot odour
  • The first step, the examination process, gives your chiropodist the opportunity to detect any foot conditions you may not have been aware of. Similarly, they could provide information about the current condition of your feet, and if they think certain conditions may arise in the future. For example, they may notice you have a flat arch, or something else concerning the shape of your feet. It can be an educational experience that gives you the opportunity to ask questions!
  • Similarly, the quality time spent with a qualified foot specialist will allow you to gain insight into your foot health. Your chiropodist may also notice something on your feet you may not have noticed, like a small cut or laceration. 
  • There will be specialized focus on calluses and corns.
  • They are more hygienic than a standard, cosmetic pedicure. A medical pedicure appointment ensures that your foot specialist is entirely focused on you, whereas a cosmetic pedicure can take place in a busy, hectic salon. The tools used are sterilized more thoroughly, and the private environment can make it safer to be barefoot.
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Medical pedicures are a wonderful way to pamper yourself, while also being keen to the importance of your foot health! We’ve given you a general breakdown of the steps, but you may have more questions or concerns. If that’s the case, we’re here to help! Located at our Bloor west foot clinic, our Toronto foot specialists are on hand 6 days a week. If you’re interested in medical pedicures or any of the steps involved, or if you have any other concerns, you can call us to ask about actionable steps towards your foot health goals today!

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