Horrifying Foot Care Habits To Avoid

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in Toronto. It’s always fun to embrace the theme and get into the spirit of the season! As such, our Bloor West foot clinic is here to spook you out of your horrifying foot care habits. Chiropodists advise against several dreadful habits. These include cutting your toenails poorly, wearing nail polish too often, going without socks, and more. 

Consistent bad habits can leave your feet vulnerable to some scary foot conditions that cause foot and ankle pain, affect your toenails and can lead to skin problems. If these ghastly habits sound like you, don’t worry- it’s never too late to make some lifestyle changes! After all, every part of your feet deserves attention. Your ankles, the ball of your foot, the tips of your toes (and everything in between) will thank you! 

Horrifying Foot Care Habits To Avoid:

  • Terrifying toenail cutting
  • Nightmarish nail polish
  • No socks can be scary
  • Frightful ill-fitting footwear
  • Barefoot running for your life

Terrifying Toenail Cutting 

If you’re someone who quickly trims their toenails without paying much attention, think again! The way you trim your toenails matters just as much as other nail care routines. Cutting your nails straight across is key and ensures that your nails continue to grow forward. You should also avoid cutting your nails down too much and keep a nail file handy for sharp, jagged edges, which are also risk factors for ingrown toenails.

You can see a chiropodist for a medical pedicure if you still feel unsure about how to cut toenails. Not only do medical pedicures leave your nails looking and feeling perfect, but they also moisturize your skin and soften calluses and corns. Incorporating routine medical pedicures into your routine is a great way to break one of the most horrifying foot care habits and prevent scary ingrown toenails. 

Nightmarish Nail Polish

Suppose you like showing off your toenails with a pop of colour – more power to you! However, you shouldn’t be spooked by a bare nail. Many foot specialists recommend taking a break from your favourite nail polish colours when it gets chilly. This is because there are many factors at play during the fall and winter that can dry out your nails. On top of that, the formaldehyde in many nail polishes will add to the dryness by trapping moisture, making the problem worse. Other products full of damaging chemicals, like polish removers, can also contribute to dry nails. Dry toenails are generally brittle, and consistent exposure to heat and dry air makes you vulnerable to cracked toenails.

So, why stop when it’s cold? Dry heat from toasty spaces like your home, workplace and other public areas can seriously affect your feet’s ability to produce natural moisture. The chilly, dry air in the winter can also be a contributing factor. Ditching the polish in the cold weather gives your nails a chance to get some much-needed oxygen when your feet are exposed. 

If you’re looking for a product to have on hand in case your nails become dry and brittle this year, you can try Gehwol’s Fusskraft soft nail and skin protection spray. It strengthens your toenails with vitamin E acetate and panthenol, which also gives your nails a moisture boost by helping the nail bind with water.

No Socks Can Be Scary

Wearing your shoes without socks is another horrifying foot care habit that you should stop immediately! You should always wear socks with enclosed footwear like sneakers and boots. First, socks add an extra layer between your feet and your shoe, lowering the risk of blister formation by preventing your bare feet from excessively rubbing against your shoe.  

Secondly, that extra layer from your socks can help you avoid contracting foot fungus. Foot fungus loves to thrive in moist, dark environments, so simply remembering your socks can keep your feet dry and help you avoid nasty fungal infections, like fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. Other ways to avoid frightening fungus include:

  • Choosing ventilated and breathable shoes 
  • Keeping your shoes dry
  • Avoiding walking barefoot in public spaces
  • Regularly changing socks

Frightful Ill-fitting Footwear

Does it feel like your feet are cursed? Do you have strange foot pain, knee pain, or even back pain? If this sounds like you, your shoes may be the villain. Shoes that don’t support your arch, offer enough cushioning, or accommodate your foot width and length are a recipe for disaster! Very Well Health notes a correlation between ill-fitting shoes and certain foot conditions and scenarios, including: 

If you want to avoid gruesome, ill-fitting shoes, Feet First can help. Our friendly foot staff offer services like shoe stretching and shoe fittings in our one-stop foot shop. Our chiropodists can also make recommendations during appointments, and prescribe orthopaedic footwear for those suffering from foot conditions.

Barefoot Running For Your Life

Classic horror films always show characters running away from a terrifying villain. Now, it might be unfair to judge their unfortunate circumstances, but if they took a couple of seconds to put on their running shoes, they would probably have better luck escaping! With that, another horrible foot care habit to avoid is running without your shoes. 

Newton Running states that some experts recommend barefoot running in very small intervals, as it may help improve your running mechanics and train your feet to land lightly. That said, it should not become a routine. The risk of falling and sustaining an injury is much higher if you make a habit of running without shoes. 

Running without your shoes also heightens your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. As the plantar surface of your foot hits the hard pavement, the lack of cushioning and sole protection increases the risk of pain and strain on the structures in your foot. The extra strain puts those susceptible to plantar fasciitis at risk. By running barefoot, you’re also putting yourself at risk of overworking your muscles and developing foot calluses, corns, and blisters. 

Need the perfect running shoes? Our footwear product page has what you need! 

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