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The Ultimate Guide to Diabetic Footwear: Comfort Meets Medical Necessity

Diabetes and foot health will always have a close connection. People with diabetes need to pay attention to every step, every minor cut, and every moment of discomfort very closely. That’s why investing in diabetic footwear that gives you peace of mind is an essential piece of the diabetic foot care puzzle. Let’s investigate what your shoes should do for you, and give you some tips on choosing diabetic footwear. 

What Should Diabetic Footwear Do? 

Foot care for people with diabetes involves choosing the perfect pair of shoes for daily life. Comfortable diabetic shoes should do the following: 

  • Protect the pressure points on the feet and prevent minor cuts, scrapes, corns, blisters or calluses as much as possible. Pople with diabetes are especially vulnerable to dry feet and the buildup of calluses. These seemingly innocent wounds can become serious foot ulcers when diabetic neuropathy(nerve damage) is present. 
  • Help pepole with diabetes avoid injury. Decreased sensation from neuropathy adds an extra layer of risk to foot injuries, and can lead to complications, infections and even amputation. 
  • Preserve and boost blood circulation. Proper blood flow supplies damaged nerves with more oxygen and nutrients. 

In a nutshell, protective shoes for diabetes should set you up for a healthier future. 

Diabetic foot ulcer stages and complications

Best Footwear for Diabetics

Medical shoes and orthopedic shoes for diabetes come with specific features that you should prioritize while shoe shopping

Extra Depth and Removable Insoles

These features accommodate orthotic inserts, which people with diabetes may use to reduce pressure on sensitive areas. Depth also helps accommodate the swelling you may experience due to poor circulation, neuropathy, and fluid retention. 

Shock-Absorption and Cushioning

While these features are important for everyone, they are especially important for people with diabetes to prevent the dangerous injuries that post such a risk. Cushioning can also prevent friction and help you avoid skin problems (blisters, cuts, etc).

Adjustable Closures and Stretchable Uppers

These ensure a snug fit and can help you adapt to foot size fluctuations caused by swelling. 

Wide Toe Box and Extra Width Options

The wide toe box prevents toe friction, crowding, rubbing and the resultant skin problems. Extra width options help with swelling and gives you a better fit. 

Seamless Protective Interior

The interior seams in footwear can cause excessive friction and rubbing for people with diabetes. That’s why diabetic footwear is constructed with as few seams as possible in order to minimize potential friction-related concerns like calluses and blisters. Extra soft and breathable interiors provide additional wound protection. 

Extra deep shoe from Anodyne (with adjustable straps)

Looking for More Guidance on Diabetic Footwear?

Non-custom orthopaedic footwear and modified orthopaedic footwear are available for diabetic patients at Feet First Clinic! Our chiropodists can also give you advice and tips on how to secure the best diabetic footwear to reduce skin problems that can turn into wounds.

Call us at (416) 769-3338, book an appointment online, or walk in for a complimentary shoe fitting session!

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