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Best Medical Shoes 2023

What comes to mind when we think of the best “medical shoes?” Would they be shoes for doctors? Or shoes someone wears to overcome an injury? While both may technically be true, a medical shoe is simply a shoe that supports and accommodates the structure of your foot, which is a means of treating foot ailments. In other words, they go above and beyond what standard footwear can provide.

The best medical shoes are more widely available than some people may think. Countless shoe brands focus on constructing the best shoe for your foot health. But it can be tough to know what shoe you need to address your unique foot concerns.

Let’s assess the best medical shoes of 2023 to better understand what footwear you may be missing out on!

Best Medical Shoes 2023

  • Saucony Integrity Walker
  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus
  • APEX Lace Walker
  • Anodyne Sport Double Depth
  • ASICS Gel-Keyano

Saucony Integrity Walker

The reasons the Saucony Integrity Walker shines amongst footwear choices are twofold. This shoe can help with foot pain relief for everyday Torontonians, but it’s also a great choice for nurses, doctors, and working students who spend Mondays to Fridays (and sometimes the weekends!) standing all day

Part of what makes this one of the best medical shoes is its ability to accommodate wide feet, and you can select options based on your foot width. You can choose from wide, extra wide, regular or narrow to ensure the perfect fit. This neutral walker also offers responsive cushioning for people who need to walk or stand for long days. Furthermore, the PWRRUN midsole gives the shoe a light and bouncy feel, as opposed to a clunkier shoe which can weigh you down. 

Lastly, this shoe has the stamp of approval from The American Podiatric Medical AssociationNot all shoes come with the honour of being recognized as a highly beneficial product for maintaining foot health – so that’s a plus!

Close up of the Saucony Integrity Walker
Saucony Integrity Walker

ASICS Gel-Nimbus

The Gel-Nimbus is a great medical shoe for neutral walkers or those with high arches who slightly underpronate. If you have a higher arch, this shoe can prevent and help you manage ankle strainshin splints and plantar fasciitis

The newest version of the Nimbus is about 10% lighter than its predecessor, which keeps your steps light and springy. In terms of being a top-notch medical shoe, its advanced impact protection stands out and helps you land your steps without triggering muscle strain. This is thanks to ASICS’ highly developed rearfoot and forefoot GEL® technology. 

Lastly, the FLYTEFOAM™ and FF BLAST+™ cushioning work together to protect your joints by creating a softer landing, more responsive toe-off, and lightweight impact absorption. After all, cushioning is more than just “padding”; Insufficient cushioning can make your feet too tired to continue throughout the day. 

Close up of the ASICS Gel Nimbus 24
ASICS Gel Nimbus

APEX Lace Walker

The APEX Lace Walker is an orthopedic shoe and a godsend for anyone with flat feet.

This type of foot structure can cause you to overpronate while walking. Likewise, neglecting to buy the proper footwear for flat feet can put you at risk of developing bunions, bone spurs, and arthritis.

The external heel counter in the APEX walker extends around the heel to the foot’s arch. Then it works with the internal heel counter to provide excellent motion control and promote neutral steps. This gives people with flat feet a higher chance of successful and comfortable walking. 

If that isn’t enough to make it one of the best medical shoes, doctors recommend the APEX Lace Walker for anyone who needs stability control and extra comfort. 

Close up of the Apex Lace Walker
Apex Lace Walker

Anodyne Sport Double Depth

Anodyne makes shoes for people with diabetes, propelling them to superstar status in our discussion of the best medical shoes. Furthermore, this company’s careful construction and focus on health makes Anodyne shoes an appropriate choice for those with other foot problems, not just diabetes. 

The Anodyne Sport Double Depth shoe comes with width options, but where it truly shines is in its depth. This gives even more room to accommodate those with debilitating foot conditions than other Anodyne options. 

Hailed as perfect for those with “difficult” feet, anyone with extremely swollen feet or who need to insert their custom orthotics into their shoes can use them. Furthermore, those with bunions and hammertoes should consider investing in the Anodyne Sport Double Depth, as those conditions are known for requiring extra depth in the toe box. 

Close up of Anodyne Double Depth Shoe
Anodyne Double Depth Shoe

ASICS Gel-Kayano

While the Gel-Nimbus is designed for those with high arches who underpronate, the Gel-Keyano is great for people with low arches who overpronate.

This shoe helps with rearfoot support by offering a low-profile external heel counter. The LITETRUSS™ stability feature in the midsole keeps your feet from rolling too far inward, which is the typical experience of overpronators. This is highly beneficial as overpronators are more at risk of putting strain on their muscles, tendons and ligaments, which makes them more injury-prone.

Other features include the Rearfoot GEL® technology cushioning, which gives your shoes much needed shock absorption, and the OrthoLite™ X-55 sockliner takes comfort to new levels.

Close up of ASICS Gel Kayano
ASICS Gel Keyano

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