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What Is Onyfix?

The Onyfix nail correction system is an innovative, painless and non-invasive treatment for recurrent and chronic ingrown and involuted (curved) toenails. It involves a composite material that is applied in a thin band directly on top of the nail. As your nail grows, the Onyfix band trains the nail to grow straight as opposed to curved – almost like a nail brace (but without the wires). This brings your toenail back to its natural, ideal shape, while providing immediate pain relief. It is especially effective for misshapen and “V-shaped” toenails (where the nails get narrower at the top).

At Feet First Clinic, our chiropodists can adapt the Onyfix nail correction system to your toenails’ unique shape and growth pattern. The entire treatment process – from application to follow-up – is completely painless. It is suitable for children, adults, people with diabetes, and those seeking a non-invasive solution for their ingrown toenails.

Conditions Treated

The Onyfix nail correction system treats the following conditions:

  • Ingrown toenails: When the toenails grow outward and into the skin. Onyfix is often used for recurrent ingrown toenails.
  • Involuted toenails: Toenails that are curved (as opposed to flat) and therefore curl. This can cause them to become ingrown.
  • Misshapen toenails: Any other condition where the toenail grows in an abnormal direction or shape (i.e.: Pincer toenails). Onyfix is especially helpful for nails that are “V”-shaped (where they are wider at the bottom and then get narrower toward the top).
  • Cracked toenails
  • Diabetic ingrown toenails: People with diabetes are especially vulnerable to infection from ingrown toenails. Because Onyfix is non-invasive, it is a great option for diabetes patients dealing with recurrent or serious ingrown toenails, who may not be able to pursue other more invasive ingrown toenail treatments (i.e.: surgery) due to infection risk.
  • Similarly, Onyfix is ideal for patients with recurrent or advanced ingrown toenails that cannot have surgery (i.e.: children, people who are pregnant, afraid of needles, etc.).

How Does Onyfix Work?

Ideally, toenails should grow flat from their base toward the tip of the toe and retain their shape. Misshapen and ingrown toenails, however, grow outward and into the skin. Onyfix works by acting as a nail brace that redirects nail growth and helps the nail retain a healthy shape during the growth process. It essentially addresses the root cause of ingrown toenails by targeting the growth process itself.

The Onyfix nail correction system has following components:

  • Onyfix primer: This is an adhesive agent. It works similar to the way paint primer does, by allowing the composite (the “nail brace”) to adhere to your nail and not fall off after.
  • Composite material: There are two composite materials – hard and soft. The Onyfix Hard is for larger, adult nails and malformations, while the Onyfix Soft is for thin nails and children’s nails. The composite itself is white and has a consistency similar to liquid glue.
  • A LED light to cure the primer and composite

The composite material is applied in a thin band across the nail, and adapted for your nail’s unique shape and growth pattern. Sometimes multiple bands may be applied. As the composite hardens, it “fixes” itself to the nail (hence the name Ony-fix). Over time, the Onyfix band “trains” the nail to grow in a favourable position and keeps its proper shape, thereby treating and preventing ingrown toenails. Don’t worry – you will not feel any no tension or pain during the treatment or growth process.

An illustration of how the Onyfix nail correction system treats ingrown toenails.

Treatment Process

Whether Onyfix is right for you will depend on your individual case and your nail’s unique growth pattern.

If you have an ingrown toenail that won’t go away, you should first book an appointment with a chiropodist for ingrown toenail treatment. At your appointment, your foot care expert will examine your toenails and determine whether Onyfix is right for you. If you are a suitable candidate for Onyfix, it will be applied in conjunction with a standard ingrown toenail and nail care treatment. This treatment involves filing, smoothing and properly trimming the nail. Once the nail is trimmed, flattened and cleared of all debris, the Onyfix treatment starts:

  1. First, the chiropodist will prep the nail by roughening the surface with a ceramic bur (like sanding a surface before priming and painting), and cleaning it with a degreasing agent.
  2. Onyfix primer is then applied with a cotton swab (again, like prepping to paint).
  3. The chiropodist will shine the LED light for 10 seconds to cure the primer to the nail. This helps ensure the composite applied in the next step stays on and works properly.
  4. Once the primer is cured, the chiropodist will apply either the hard or soft composite to the widest point of the nail, creating a white band across the nail. This acts as the “nail brace” (without the wires). The chiropodist may also apply an additional band at the top or corners of the nail.
  5. The LED light is then applied for 30 seconds to cure the composite.
During treatment, our chiropodists apply the Onyfix in a band across your toenail to encourage natural, healthy toenail growth.

The Onyfix should last for 2-3 months; however, sometimes the Onyfix band will be kept on longer depending on your individual case. During that time, your chiropodist will see you for follow-up appointments to assess the nail growth and potentially add additional bands. At the end of the treatment (usually between 2 – 5 months) they’ll remove the Onyfix and the treatment is complete. The nail will then ideally continue to grow naturally in the correct physiological position.

Benefits of Onyfix

Onyfix is entirely pain-free and non-invasive. This makes it a great alternative to more invasive, radical treatments like toenail surgery. It also doesn’t have the side-effects of surgery (i.e.: infection) or recovery time.

In addition, Onyfix provides the following benefits:

  • It quickly relieves ingrown toenail pain. This is noticeable shortly after the treatment
  • Highly effective long-term solution for recurrent, severe or chronic ingrown toenails.
  • Safe, Class 1 Medical Device
  • Versatile and can be easily adapted to your individual needs and growth pattern
  • It focuses on natural regrowth and reformation of the nail rather than ingrown toenail removal.
  • Provides results without using invasive force on the toenail.
  • Safe for children
  • Suitable for people with diabetes and others who are not candidates for surgery or more invasive ingrown toenail treatment (i.e.: people who are pregnant, have vascular issues, are sensitive to needles, cannot have local anaesthetic, and children).
  • You don’t have to restrict your activities after treatment: You can immediately go back to work and wear close-toed shoes. You can also return to swimming and sports after 24 hours.
  • Hypoallergenic for those with skin and nail sensitivities
  • You can apply nail polish after. However you cannot use shellac or acrylic toenails.


Onyfix cannot be used if you have any of the following:

  • Infected toenails: Onyfix can only be applied after the infection is healed.
  • Toenail fungus: Onyfix cannot be applied if the fungus affects 50% or more of the toenail. If this is the case, our chiropodists can treat your fungal infection prior to starting Onyfix.
  • Nail bruising or malignant (cancerous) nail disorders
  • The toenail is detached from the nail bed.

You should also avoid the following after treatment:

  • Avoid swimming, baths, or completely submerging your foot in water for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not wear tight or narrow-fitting footwear (in addition to affecting the treatment, ill-fitting footwear can contribute to causing ingrown toenails in the first place)
  • Do not use shellac or acrylic toenails (you can still use regular nail polish after 24 hours).
  • Avoid direct trauma to the toenail after application.

Failure to follow these instructions will make Onyfix less effective and can cause the Onyfix band to fall off prematurely.

Insurance & Coverage

The Onyfix nail correction system is one of the many ingrown toenail treatment services offered by the chiropodists at Feet First Clinic. Treatment is charged per toe, and the cost is applied on top of your regular ingrown toenail treatment.

All ingrown toenail treatment and procedures by a chiropodist are covered – in full or in part – by most private extended health benefits plans.  Each insurance company has their own stipulations about what and how much they will cover. If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage for chiropodist services, you can contact your insurance company directly, check with your employer’s HR department, or go to your online portal to receive a breakdown of your policy.

We recommend verifying your coverage directly with your insurance company prior to your appointment.

Please note: Ingrown toenail treatments and procedures are not covered by OHIP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to apply Onyfix?

Application of Onyfix takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on the number of toenails being treated. It is applied in conjunction with a regular ingrown toenail treatment.

2. How long does the Onyfix band last for on the nails?

The Onyfix band will stay on and grow with the nail until it falls off or is removed by your chiropodist. Additional bands may also be applied during follow-up appointments, which would affect the total length of treatment. The Onyfix band(s) are removed once the nail growth is fully corrected. This is typically between 2 – 5 months, but ultimately depends on each individual case. If not removed, the Onyfix bands can stay fixed even longer – sometimes 6 months or even a year.

3. Is Onyfix safe for children?

Yes, Onyfix is safe for both children and adults.

4. What is the aftercare for Onyfix treatment?

Onyfix does not require extensive aftercare. It is non-invasive, which means there’s no risk of infection (as compared to surgical ingrown toenail treatment). However, to ensure the Onyfix remains “fixed” to the nail, it is important to follow the following instructions:

  • Keep the nail dry for 24 hours. Avoid swimming, baths, or completely submerging your foot in water for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not wear tight or narrow-fitting footwear (in addition to affecting the treatment, ill-fitting footwear can contribute to causing ingrown toenails in the first place)
  • Do not use shellac or acrylic toenails (you can still use regular nail polish).
  • Avoid direct trauma to the toenail after application.
  • Do not squeeze the nail sideways, tamper with the Onyfix band, or trim your nail by yourself – your chiropodist will do that for you during your follow-up appointments

5. Is Onyfix treatment painful?

No, Onyfix is completely painless, both during treatment and after. It will also provide pain relief for your ingrown toenail shortly after the treatment.

6. Is Onyfix safe to use on diabetics?

Yes, Onyfix is safe for people with diabetes. Because it is non-invasive and does not carry the risk of infection, it is especially suitable for people with diabetes.

7. If I have an infected ingrown toenail, can I get Onyfix as opposed to surgery?

The infection must first be cleared before starting Onyfix treatment. Whether Onyfix is right for you will ultimately depend on your individual case and condition. Your chiropodist will examine your toenail and determine which ingrown toenail treatment option is best for you and your needs.

Our chiropodists will tailor the Onyfix application to your unique toenail shape and growth pattern.

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