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Our chiropodists can skillfully and therapeutically splint, brace and tape the feet and toes to treat and prevent a variety of foot conditions and deformities.  These treatments include:

  • Hammertoe and Clawed Toe Splinting: The toes are taped in a straightened position.  This stretches the tendons and ligaments, and in turn aids healing and prevents progression.  
  • Bunion splints: These are usually made of medical grade plastic and are strapped onto the big toe and midfoot.  They are designed to straighten out the MTP joint and hold it in place.
  • Bunion aligner: This is a thin sleeve worn over the foot.  As the name suggests, it works to realign the big toe and bring it back to its natural position, without taking up too much room in your shoe. 
  • Therapeutic taping:  This is done for conditions like bunions:  The joint is taped to help keep it in place, prevent further misalignment, and temporarily manage pain and inflammation.
  • Joint immobilization: This involves splinting or bracing joints affected by injury or inflammation to immobilize the affected joints. Preventing the joints from moving gives them the chance to heal, which reduces pain and inflammation.  This can be done for Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis (a boot may be prescribed for plantar fasciitis), and arthritis-related joint damage and inflammation.

Conditions Treated

Splinting, bracing or taping may be used to treat the following conditions:

The Process

You can book an appointment with a chiropodist to have your foot issue assessed.  At the assessment, the chiropodist will determine the best course of treatment.  If splinting, bracing or taping is recommended, it will be performed at that time.  The chiropodist can also instruct you as to how to properly apply any splints, braces or tape at home. Follow-up appointments may be recommended to monitor how your feet are progressing.

Insurance & Coverage

The cost of any splinting, bracing or taping is included in the cost of a chiropodist assessment; there is no extra fee. 

Most chiropodist services are covered by private extended health benefits. If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage for chiropodist services, you can contact your insurance company directly, consult the policy breakdown in your online benefits portal, or check with your employer’s HR department to receive a breakdown of your policy. 

We strongly recommend that you verify your coverage directly with your insurer prior to your appointment. 

The assessment fee does not include the cost of any splints, braces or tape that you purchase at the Clinic to use at home.  Some foot care benefits may cover this expense, depending on the product and if you have a prescription for it.

Please note: chiropodist services are NOT covered by OHIP.

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