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Foot Care Gift Guide 2022

Holiday shopping can feel like a daunting ordeal that takes away from the fun. Your list is long, and you don’t have ideas for some people — which is okay! But it doesn’t have to cause so much stress. When you’re stuck on what gift to get for your grandparents, friends, and other relatives, medical gifts may inspire you more than you realize. The health and wellness industry is known for producing excellent products, opening your mind to many gift options.

Gifts that promote foot health can help those with debilitating foot issues. But they can also help prevent foot conditions before they develop. And they’re simply fun to use. We’re talking foot creams, scrubs, and other luxurious products fit for a spa session!

The gifts we’ll discuss today focus on skincare; they shine on their own and work well as stocking stuffers. But the best way to gift products from a foot care clinic is by compiling a foot care gift set! It’s fun to try more than one product, and it gives loved ones the tools for a great self-care day. Let’s take a look at our top picks!

Foot Care and Medical Gifts: Gift Guide 2022

Below is a general overview of the products in our gift guide. But don’t worry, we’ll cover all the details.

  • Bath products
  • Scrubs, creams, and deodorants
  • Leg balms
  • Dermal therapy heel care

Foot Bath Products

Products like Gehwol’s Revitalizing Bath Salt and their Refreshing Foot Bath are underrated and affordable medical gifts. They’re suitable for people of all ages and help loosen and soothe dry skin.

But they do even more for the body than you may realize. First, foot bath products combined with hot water help promote healthy blood flow, which can relieve pain from foot conditions like plantar fasciitisbunions, etc. They can also warm your overall body temperature, which alleviates muscle tension, reduces stress, and may help prevent sickness or fight flu symptoms by strengthening your natural immunity (perfect for the winter!).

Helpful tip: It’s best to start a spa session by bathing your feet, as it leaves a clean base for exfoliation and moisturizing by washing away bacteria and dirt.

Scrubs, Creams and Deodorants

Foot Scrubs

Many bath products prep the feet for exfoliation by softening the skin. But gifting someone an additional exfoliation product will take your medical gift game to the next level. Exfoliation tools prevent itchy, flaky dead skin from building up while simultaneously unclogging your pores. Gehwol’s Soft Feet Scrub is a nice gift choice. Moreover, you can toss an affordable foot file into your gift box to buff the skin.

Foot Creams

To restore the skin’s natural barrier functions, you should always moisturize after soaking and exfoliating. Gehwol’s Soft Feet Cream, Universal Foot Cream, and Med Lipidro Cream are just a few examples of medicinal moisturizers that work wonders. So why not gift them to someone you love? They’ll get to enjoy smooth skin and fewer cracks and calluses. 

If your loved one already has severely painful cracked heels, try gifting them Gehwol’s Med Salve for Cracked Skin or Dermal Therapy Heel Care instead.

Foot Deodorants

Deodorants are useful to have on hand. Moreover, they fit in nicely with a foot care gift set but can also hold their own amongst other stocking stuffers. Regarding health benefits, foot deodorants (sprays, powders, etc.) can fight foot odour and target plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive foot sweating). The latter is extra common in winter as we stuff our feet into warm winter boots.

Leg Balms

Many of our elderly loved ones suffer from lower leg issues and have mobility problems. Likewise, if your grandparents struggle to move freely, it can lead to neglect, and problems like skin irritation and severe blood flow restriction can arise.

A good gift for grandparents is a high-quality leg balm. Gehwol’s Leg Balm prevents leg ailments, slows skin aging, and can even strengthen your veins. Gehwol’s Fusskraft Leg Vitality also refreshes tired legs.

But again, don’t assume medical gifts are just for your grandparents. Many young people credit Gehwol’s leg products for helping with tired achy legs after a long day.

While this product doesn’t necessarily scream “spa day,” it still works as a part of a general foot care routine. So feel free to include it in a gift box or use it as a standalone present for someone who will cherish it.

Dermal Therapy Heel Care

Hopefully, it’s becoming clear that medical gifts can be more valuable than gifts that sit around collecting dust. And Dermal Therapy Heel Care is one of, if not the best, medicinal products.

Cracked heels have the potential to burden everyone, from your best friend to your grandmother — dry skin doesn’t discriminate! Severely cracked heels can make walking almost unbearable and cause swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. So if you’re catching wind that someone you love is suffering, why not brighten their holidays by gifting them some relief?

Dermal Therapy helps skin cells deep below the surface absorb and lock in moisture, which fights cracked heels. This cream is a moisturizer and exfoliator that removes dead cells, revealing fresh, young skin.


Come to Feet First Clinic for Medical Gifts!

Did you know that Feet First Clinic sells all of the products we talked about today? And most of them only cost between $20-30! That means you can see your chiropodist and do some holiday shopping shortly after.

Whether you’re looking to create a gift set, or just want to find one perfect product, our Toronto foot clinic has everything you need!

Contact us at 416-769-FEET (3338) or use our online booking form to book an appointment!


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