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The Best Shoes From ASICS

ASICS shoes are some of the best on the market. While they’re highly beneficial for athletes in terms of performance enhancement, they’re also suitable for anyone looking for maximum comfort in their daily activities. Ill-fitting and non-supportive footwear are the biggest contributing factors to many common foot issues. That’s why chiropodists recommend comfortable, supportive footwear for treating and preventing several chronic foot conditionsIt doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar athlete; ASICS running shoes are an excellent choice for people who care about foot health and managing foot pain flare-ups.

This top-tier shoe company is known for producing quality stability shoes and neutral shoes. ASICS understands that many people need neutral shoes, and many need stability shoes. For that reason, they’re able to produce excellent versions of both. Let’s look at the difference between the two and highlight some of the best ASICS shoes on the market:

Stability ASICS Shoes

Stability shoes help control excessive motion in the foot and ankle and overpronation (when the foot rolls inward and downward toward the arch). This type of movement often leads to flat feet. Overpronation can also make people more likely to sustain an injury or develop a foot condition. More specifically, overpronation is linked to the following conditions and injuries:

Stability shoes work by favourably aligning the foot to a neutral position and providing extra arch support. ASICS stability shoes include a variety of innovative technologies in the midsole that work together to provide an exceptionally stable walking and running experience. The main stability features are the TRUSSTIC™ and DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technologies: The TRUSSTIC technology involves a resin structure (a medial post) in the midsole of the shoe that prevents the excessive twisting motion associated with overpronation. The DYNAMIC DUOMAX technology involves a firm sponge in the midsole that helps control and offset the inward rolling of the heel and foot. ASICS’s specially designed heel counter also provides added stability. All together, these features help reduce the strain on the joints and muscles caused by overpronation. For more information on these technologies, you can visit ASICS’ website, which offers helpful diagrams to illustrate how these features work.

If you think you need stability shoes or suspect you overpronate during movement, you can consult with a chiropodist. They may point you in the direction of some of the classic ASICS stability shoes listed below. The best thing about seeing the chiropodists at Feet First Clinic is that you can get your foot assessment and footwear all under one roof: Your fantastic chiropodist can perform a biomechanical assessment and make footwear recommendations, after which you can try them on and get them on site. Our friendly foot staff is here to help size you and guide you through your next shoe purchase. 

Below are our top recommended stability shoes from ASICS:

Gel Kayano

The Gey-Kayano (pictured above) has a reputation for being ASICS’s top stability shoe. It provides the most cushioning and stability among ASICS’s stability shoes, featuring the highest level of TRUSSTIC and DYNAMIC DUAMAX technologies. It includes classic ASICS features, including the infamous GEL® technology for the ultimate soft, cushioned ASICS experience. The max cushioning is also important for shock absorption, which works by cushioning and protecting your joints from the impact of your foot striking the ground. This lets you walk comfortably for longer without feeling the strain in your joints and muscles. Furthermore, the Gel-Kayano is made with FLYTEFOAM propel cushioning that gives you an extra spring to your step.

The Gel-Kayano is the right choice for people who experience moderate or severe overpronation, and who need maximum cushioning and arch support. It’s Feet First Clinic’s #1 recommendation for people with foot pain who overpronate, have flat feet, or seeking strong arch support and structure.


The GT-1000 from ASICS is a good option if you have mild to moderate overpronation. It provides moderate stability and sufficient, comfortable cushioning with the FLYTEFOAM™ technology. It’s also lightweight compared to other stability shoes. That said, it doesn’t sacrifice durability! This shoe is a great choice for everyday wear, especially if your lifestyle involves staying on your feet for long hours. The mesh upper promotes breathability and a healthy foot climate, which is important for people who wear shoes for long periods. A healthy foot climate can help fight and prevent foot conditions like foot odourfungal infections and athlete’s foot. The GT-1000 also has other classic ASICS features, like their rearfoot GEL technology for consistent shock absorption. 

The GT-1000 features ASICS’s DYNAMIC DUOMAX technology systems to ensure stability for people who overpronate or need a little extra control from their shoes. The GT1000 does provide a little less stability, motion control, and cushioning than the Gel-Kayano and GT-2000. Because of this, it is a more economical option for the budget-conscious.


The GT-2000 is another stability shoe from ASICS. Essentially the same as the GT-1000, it does have a few distinguishable features. This includes more responsive cushioning. According to Runner Click, extra responsive cushioning is another way to describe a shoe having more “energy.” It works by putting more power into your push-off and strides during a run. This makes it a good choice for runners looking for a consistently vigorous experience. That said, you don’t need to be a runner to show interest in the GT2000! The extra cushioning is beneficial for anyone seeking a little extra shock absorption and a softer footbed. While it does provide more cushioning and stability features than the GT-1000, it doesn’t provide as much as the Gel-Kayano. The GT-2000’s extra cushioning and stability features also make it slightly more expensive than the GT-1000.

In terms of stability features, the ASICS GT-2000 has the same DYNAMIC DUOMAX technology as the Gel-Kayano and GT-1000. It also has LITETRUSS technology, which is a scaled-down version of the TRUSSTIC technology offered in the Gel-Kayano. This allows for a little more freedom of movement and flexibility than the Gel-Kayano, but slightly less motion control for correcting overpronation.

Neutral ASICS Shoes

Neutral running shoes typically don’t have the same stabilizing features as stability shoes. Because of this, they allow for more flexibility and freedom of movement. They’re suitable for people who supinate (heels lean outward, placing more pressure on sides of the foot)have high archesor have a neutral gait. A neutral gait means your feet and ankles align properly during movement, which means you don’t necessarily need a stability shoe with foot and ankle control characteristics.

That said, ASICS shoes are special in that even their neutral shoes provide the stabilizing features offered in their stability shoes – just to a lesser degree. Therefore, you’ll still get great support and control from an ASICS runner, which is essential for any foot – whether or not you have foot concerns. 

The Gel-Nimbus and the Gel-Cumulus are our top neutral ASICS shoes, and come highly recommended by Toronto foot specialists.


The Gel-Nimbus is the perfect choice for people who are prone to foot pain and foot sensitivities. Furthermore, it’s an exceptionally good choice for people struggling with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in the feet, knees and low back. Healthline notes that the Gel-Nimbus is also the best ASICS option for active people with knee pain flare-ups. The ASICS Gel-Nimbus is ideal for these conditions thanks to its maximum cushioning. In fact, it has the most cushioning out of all ASICS runners and is super soft. In addition to the soft comfort, the max level of GEL® cushioning technology gives these shoes maximum shock-absorbing properties. This also makes it perfect for people who supinate and have high arches, since these conditions cause extra shock on the lower body.

Even though the Gel-Nimbus is considered a neutral runner, it still offers the structured supportive features featured in many of ASICS’ stability shoes, including firm arch support, a specially engineered external heel counter, and the TRUSSTIC technology. It’s for all of these reasons that the ASICS Gel-Nimbus is Feet First Clinic’s #1 recommended neutral shoe.

If you want to see the Gel Nimbus in action, you can stop by Feet First Clinic, where you’ll often see Erica sporting her own pair around the clinic (pictured above). Erica loves the extra cushioning and shock absorption her Gel Nimbuses give her, which helps with her rheumatoid arthritis. She also swears by the arch support for her plantar fasciitis.


Inspired by cumulus clouds, the Gel-Cumulus is another ASICS staple. Great for people who love a smooth run and effortless walking experience, the upper and midsole are both designed to conform to each user’s foot anatomy while in motion. A layer of ASICS signature GEL® technology under the heel provides medium cushioning, and the FLYTEFOAM™ midsole supports your feet consistently throughout the day. The Gel-Cumulus also includes the AHAR® LITE outsole, which adds an extra layer of durability to the shoe.

The Gel-Cumulus is a great option for people who want a little more bounce and speed from their running shoes. Even though it’s not quite as cushioned and soft as the Gel-Nimbus, most people find the cushioning more than ample. It’s also offered a lower price point than the Gel-Nimbus, making it a more economical foot-friendly option for neutral walkers seeking a high-quality, durable, cushioned shoe.

Interested in ASICS Shoes? Try Feet First Toronto!

Our Bloor West foot clinic is the perfect place for both high-quality footwear and thorough foot assessments and treatment. Whether you have foot pain, are a frequent runner or just need some comfy sneakers for your day-to-day activities, our multi-purpose foot clinic is here to guide you towards making the right footwear choices!

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