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Battle of The Boots

If you haven’t already, it’s officially time to say goodbye to your sandals until next year! Fall has arrived in Toronto, and everyone is starting to sport their favourite boots to enjoy this colourful, crisp season. One thing is certain: fall boot choices can be overwhelming. 

There are many excellent brands out there that offer unique styles, designs, and health benefits for your feet. In today’s article, we’ll have some fun pitting two types, combat boots and ankle boots, in our battle of the boots! Both offer style and comfort, and numerous versions of these boots are available at Feet First Clinic, Toronto’s one-stop shop for all things foot-related.

We can confidently say that neither style is a wrong choice. The goal for a battle of the boots is to help you make an informed decision while exploring footwear. Everybody is different when it comes to fall footwear shopping. Some people swear by combat boots and enjoy the edginess, protection and safety of a modern, military-style boot, while others prefer the simplicity and chicness of ankle boots. However, one thing is for sure; both come with essential features that promote foot health. Toronto foot specialists applaud the brands we’ll talk about today, which include Sorel, Ara, Portofino and Clarks. Below you’ll find a list of the boots featured in this article. 

Battle of The Boots

  • Combat boot: Ara Dover Debbie
  • Combat boot: Sorel Lennox Lace
  • Combat boot: Portofino Flora
  • Ankle boot: Clarkdale Arlo
  • Ankle boot: Sorel Lennox Chelsea
  • Ankle boot: Ara Liverpool

Why Choose Combat Boots?

  • Ankle stability: The increased height in many combat boots protects your ankles. This provides stability and helps you avoid injuries, such as a twisted ankle.
  • Comfort and warmth: Fall and winter-oriented combat boots are often made with faux fur linings and insulating materials.
  • Easy transition from Toronto fall weather to light snowfalls
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Solid grip during wet, slippery weather
  • Removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics

Ara Dover Debbie

This combat boot adds an edgy flair to your fall looks. The Ara Dover Debbie comes equipped with an extra-thick rubber sole that gives your boots the ability to grip wet, slippery surfaces. Not only that, but the sole provides great shock absorption, giving you a gentle walking experience while protecting your joints from the impact of your step. It also offers extra thermal insulation. A significant component of how warm the Ara Dover is the fluffy faux fur lining, which feels silky smooth to the touch and keeps your feet toasty all day long.

Like many high-quality shoe brands, Ara equips their shoes with its signature cushioning technology. Their HighSoft technology includes a cushioned insole and footbed. This provides crucial comfort in more ways than one. First, the cushioning feels luxuriously soft and plush, giving your feet a comfortable base for your that also conforms to your feet’s natural shape. The cushioning also provides shock absorption and support. This prevents your feet from feeling tired, which is especially useful if your spend your days standing or walking for long hours. The Ara Dover is made with smooth leather, the faux fur lining and includes lacing and a side zipper.

Sorel Lennox Lace

This stylish boot from Sorel is grabbing attention with its superb weather-resistant qualities. With the waterproof full-grain leather material used to make them, Toronto downpours are no match for Sorel’s Lennox boot. The Lennox also includes an EVA footbed, midsole and outsole that all work together to provide long-lasting comfort.

EVA foam footbeds are known to be more lightweight than rubber while still offering a unique cushioning feature. The layered EVA comfort provides an effortless walking experience that absorbs the impact of every step, which will help you avoid achy, tired joints from developing in the future. Like the Ara Dover Debbie (and a major reason to choose a combat boot) the rubber sole of the Lennox Lace offers exceptional traction while walking in your favourite Toronto neighbourhoods, even in slick conditions.

Portofino Flora

Looking for footwear that takes foot health to the next level? You may want to consider Portofino when shopping for your next funky combat boot. This boot is equipped with a zipper and laces and comes in stylish patterns, or in a simple black. The thermo rubber sole is great for traction and gripping the pavement, and the leather shields your feet from the elements.

All shoes mentioned in this article are suitable for foot health and preventing foot problems. Likewise, Portofino is an orthopaedic shoe company. Toronto chiropodists often recommend and prescribe orthopaedic shoes to patients dealing with certain foot conditions. These include:

Why Choose Ankle Boots?

  • Easy to put on; often made with zippers or elastic gores
  • Straightforward style, fashionably versatile
  • Stylish
  • Protective and durable
  • Comfortable
  • Removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics
  • Waterproof

Clarkdale Arlo 

There’s nothing like a classic Chelsea boot. The simplistic style pairs nicely with dresses, pants, skirts, and all of your favourite fall coats. The Clarkdale Arlo from Clarks in black leather is an exciting addition to some of the hottest ankle boots on the market. Made with elastic gores, you can slip this boot on quickly when you’re in a rush. This boot also has a slightly elevated heel, giving you a boost of height and confidence without causing foot pain.

Ankle boots provide durability, just like combat boots, and the Clarkdale Arlo is built to last. The Arlo has a rubber outsole, which is known for its strength and resilience. The OrthoLite footbed technology is moisture-wicking, ensuring a healthy foot climate and providing moisture control for good foot hygiene. This feature can help prevent athlete’s footfungal infections, and foot odour. That same footbed is also exceptionally comfortable and provides good shock absorption and cushioning.

Sorel Lennox Chelsea

Another waterproof Chelsea boot perfect for a rainy day in Toronto, the Sorel Lennox Chelsea comes in waterproof full-grain leather, protecting your feet entirely from the rain. You can slip these boots on easily when you’re in a rush with the trusty elastic gore pull tab on the back of the boot. Furthermore, the rubber sole and thick heels provide excellent traction when you’re out and about in downtown Toronto. The Lennox Chelsea includes the EVA footbed found in many Sorel shoes. This footbed is amazing for cushioning the impact of your step, protecting your joints and muscles from experiencing fatigue and wear and tear. If you’re looking for an effortlessly comfortable walking experience and a simple, weather-resistant boot, why not give the Lennox a try?

Ara Liverpool

Let’s chat about Ara, yet again! Not only do they have their combat boot game on lock, but Ara also offers a wide variety of trendy ankle boots. The Ara Liverpool is another excellent option for ankle boot lovers. Available in a choice of a luxurious suede or protective leather exterior, the Liverpool shines when it comes to fashion versatility. You can also remove the footbed that comes with these boots and add your custom orthotics or Superfeet insoles if you like. These boots are also easy to put on with a convenient zipper on the side. Finished with a stylish buckle on the sides, you can pair your Ara Liverpool boots with virtually any fall outfit! Don’t worry though; thanks to Ara’s High Soft technology, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and durability for incredible style!

Come Try On Some Boots With Us!

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